The Education Designathon, the 1st Hands-On Hackathon for Education

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Charles Fadel, founder of the Center for Curruculum Redesign, pitches and Education Challenge to inspire the hackers

Ed Moriarty from the MIT Edgerton Center leads a Workshop on hands-on learning

Teams begin to form after identifying similar interests with their 60-second Idea Pitches

Teams take it to the whiteboards and begin to scope out their hack plan for the next 48 hours

A hacker works on a car for remote lab experiments online

A hacker learns about circuits in order to make a circuit-learning kit for children

An Olin College team wonders...what now? Their Dynamic Table aims to give students with ADHD a reason to stand up and walk around the table by linking the computer's scrolling feature to the revolutions of the table

Ed Burnell of MIT presents his team's final prototype: The Little Book of Circuits, a children’s book that teaches through interactive circuit elements embedded in the pages

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