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Giving Life to these Blogs!

Posted on April 10, 2015 by Jessica A. Artiles in Other with 0 comments.

TL;DR Tell me what to write about by leaving it in the comments! I'm looking for inspiration for my first blog that can span anywhere from my past 7 years at MIT to my first 17 years growing up in Cuban households in Miami; visits to family in Cuba, dichotomies between design and making and design thinking; travel and work in many continents; and the connection points I've made all across the map.

This summer, will be my first and (for now) last summer in Boston! That's right, after 7 years at MIT, I will finally be here for the summer, the very reason people claim they've even moved to Boston!

I plan to use this summer to start a Reflective Compilation Series, a sort of opportunity to gather all my culminating thoughts about my time thus far at MIT, in Boston, in this patchwork of global experiences I've lived, and about what it means. I'm a natural conenctor, and definitely a talker, but blogging for an unknown audience is something I've never tried before, and I'm excited for what's to come.

To get me started, I'm taking your suggestions! In the comments, tell me what you'd like to know about, and I'll use these as inspiration for what to write about. There's SO MUCH that has happened in 7 years that it'll be hard to begin and get it all in there, but with your curiosity I'll definitely have some places to start!


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