Project: Designing, Editing, and Coding Websites

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Websites I've made:

  • How to make (almost) anything, An MIT Media Lab class by the father of Fab Labs, Neil Gershenfeld
  • How to make something that makes (almost) anything, The next level up in the Fab Lab curriculum by Neil. Covers machine design and prototyping
  • The Education Designathon website for hackers to get hooked and register for the event
  • The Education DesignShop website for participants to get hooked and apply. I helped design the layout and parts integration of the site, the amazing Annie Tang was hired to take it to fruition
  • Human Use Analysis documentation for 2.744, Graduate Product Design class at MIT
  • This one! This website started as the Designa Template, by sylvainlafitte, and can be found here. Thanks, open source!
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